The Mezcal

Mezcal is produced in most of Mexico territory, at least 9 states, actually known as our national drink by excellence.

Oaxaca is responsible for 4/3 of national production.

Mezcal is considered the new world’s new distilled, being considered it’s predecessor the coconut wine, which distillation occurs at the end of 16th Century.

Artisan Mezcal
Mezcal from Oaxaca
Mezcal de colores
About us

Mezcal Colores de Oaxaca was born in 2018 due to the grand vision of a group of friends real passionate about Mezcal. After a brainstorm, they decided to create a brand of the highest quality that seeks to take Oaxaca culture to every corner of the world through each drop of this legendary drink.

Mezcal Colores de Oaxaca comes from Agave plants, and it's artisanal, organic, and sustainably made, which includes the participation of the best Maestros Mezcaleros from different regions of Oaxaca.

We are very passionate about Oaxaca. Each bottle is a tribute to all icons of our beloved state: the Alebrijes, clothing, churches and cathedrals, our dances and anthems, traditions and manners, their multiple languages and dialects, our deserts, coasts, and mountains, a culture that comes together to create:

Colores' Philosophy

Our philosophy is an ethical vision of life and how we get things done. We love working with the best Maestros Mezcaleros of our region with years of experience creating this mystical drink.

  • Replantation
  • We have a replantation program that allows us to plant more agaves for every one used in Mezcal making. This way, we make sure we help the everlasting of every agave species, so we never ran out of this delicious elixir.
  • Organic Fermentation
  • We are very committed to bringing a natural product to our consumers. That's why we do not use any chemicals to speed up the fermentation process that can break the balance in our savor and body of our Mezcal. We look for quality over quantity.
  • Fairtrade
  • Fairtrade is an alternative way of commerce that promotes a voluntary and equitable joint. It is an initiative that creates a relationship based on respect to one another, the idiosyncrasy of our region, and economic, social, and environmental sustainability. It is a humanistic version of free trade that promotes respect for producer's human rights, creating a joint of mutual trust.
Jima of the agave in pineapples

Cooking and grinding the pineapples in a stone oven

Fermentation of cooked and ground bagasse


Mezcal Maguey Espadín

Our label represents one of the many icons Oaxaca has: Alebrijes. Surreal crafts embody the world of imagination, Oaxaca's colors, and the diversity of its culture.

Mezcal Maguey Tepeztate Silvestre

Our label is a tribute to Oaxaca's women, irreplaceable in society, and transformative of culture.

Mezcal Maguey Jabalí

The label represents a majestic Dominic temple: Santo Domingo de Guzmán, located in the very heart of Oaxaca's downtown with gold altarpieces and baroque architecture from New Spain.

Mezcal Maguey Papalometl

The label is a tribute to a land of warriors, heroes, and legends. A remembrance to all Mixtecan that were the foundation of one of the most brilliant civilizations of Mesoamerica.

Mezcal Maguey Tobalá

Rich and intense with balanced aromas of smoke, wood and clay. Focused flavours of rustic fruit and wild mint a superlatively bright prolonged finish. Elegantly textured and absolutely awesome.

Mezcal Maguey Coyote

This label pays tribute to who brings us this exquisite elixir to our mouth. Each Maestro Mezcalero is the one who brings magic into our bottles and makes every agave ¡Una fiesta de Colores!

Mezcal Maguey Cuishe

We can't think of Oaxaca without talking about Calendas, a party that represents the celebration of the good to come and a pray for the bad to go away. They are full of dancers, flowers, and musicians. A tradition that brings communities together, with friendship and fraternity.

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