Mezcal Maguey Tobalá

Mezcal Maguey Tobala a very special Mezcal to our family, a tribute to all who they got ahead of us on the way but are still in our hearts. A representation of the famous Mexican celebration The Day of The Death, a tradition that has put Mexico in the spotlight of the global picture.

Winner of a Gold Medal in the IWSC Spirits Award Competition. “Rich and intense with balanced aromas of smoke, wood and clay. Focused flavours of rustic fruit and wild mint a superlatively bright prolonged finish. Elegantly textured and absolutely awesome.”


Mezcal. Tobalá
Agave. Potatorum suc
Alc. Vol. 44.5°
Taste Notes. A slightly taste of almond,dry fruits and green tea, with a fine smoked aftertaste.
Años de maduración. 12-20 años
Destillation. Doble
Mezcalero Master. Baltazar Cruz Gómez
Origin. San Juan del Río Tlacolula, Oaxaca.