Mezcal Maguey Tepeztate Silvestre

A witness of Oaxaca. Our Agave Tepeztate from the specie Marmorata is the witness of Oaxaca's fields, that grows in cliffs and used for the desserts of its lands. Its flower "quiote" is used as a decorative ornament in many ceremonies and parties in Oaxaca, and it also announces the agave maturity. Our proud winner of a Gold Award in the IWSC Spirits Award Competition. "Busting with fresh tropical notes and spices. The delectable summery tang of bell peppers, thyme, coriander, and mint radiate beautifully upon the tongue, preparing the palate for a super driven finish of pineapple and vanilla bean".

Our label is a tribute to Oaxaca's women, irreplaceable in society, and transformative of culture.


Mezcal. Tepeztate
Agave. Agave marmorata
Alc. Vol. 42°
Taste Notes. An intense, creamy, earthy and herbal taste, with a roots aftertaste.
Years of harvest. 12 a 20 años
Destillation. Doble
Mezcalero Master. Israel Raymundo Antonio
Origin. San Juan del Río Tlacolula, Oaxaca.