Mezcal Maguey Papalometl

A Mixteca singularity. Agave Papalometl is an icon of mixtecan culture, the cradle of the Land of the Sun, spectral region of dances that defy the gravity, and songs that lyrics Evoque nostalgic feelings every Mexican in a foreign land. Has a debased taste from strong to sweet and a lasting bouquet.

The label is a tribute to a land of warriors, heroes, and legends. A remembrance to all Mixtecan that were the foundation of one of the most brilliant civilizations of Mesoamerica.


Mezcal. Papalometl
Agave. Agave cupeatra
Alc. Vol. 44.5°
Taste notes. Lactic savor with buttermilk smell and very sweet aftertaste. Sabores
Years of harvest . 12 años
Destillation. Doble
Mezcalero Master. José Erubiel Mota
Origin. Zapotitlán Lagunas, Oaxaca.