Mezcal Maguey Jabalí

Of wild nature, Maguey Jabalí is an extravagant scarlet red agave with wide leaves with sharp end, it garnishes with red edges and spines that looks like a saw. Knows its origins in Oaxaca, arid that requires a little water and grows in cliffs of dry weather. It requires at least 15 years of growth and maturation for its commercial use. The savor is back peppered and a soft acidity with a smoked taste and earthy savor.

The label represents a majestic dominic temple: Santo Domingo de Guzmán located in the very heart of Oaxaca’s downtown with gold altarpieces and baroque architecture from New Spain.


Mezcal. Jabalí
Agave. Agave convallis
Alc. Vol.: . 48.5°
Taste notes. Vanilla and pepperish taste of light body, long aftertaste of black pepper.
Years of harvest. 18 a 25 años
Destilation. Triple
Mezcalero Master. Rogelio Juan Hernandez
Origin. San Juan del Río Tlacolula, Oaxaca.