Mezcal Maguey Cuishe

We can’t think of Oaxaca without talking about Calendas, a party that represents the celebration of the good to come and a pray for the bad to go away. Are full with Marmotas, flowers and Oaxacan girls. A tradition that brings communities together, with friendship and fraternity.


Mezcal. Cuishe
Agave. Karwinski (cuishe)
Alc. Vol. 42.5°
Taste notes. A lactic, herbal with a hint of coffee smell, the taste is mainly earthly, herbal, lightly smoked with an aftertaste of dry fruits, specially cocoa.
Years of harvest. 12-20 años
Destillation. Doble destilacion en alambique de cobre
Mezcalero Master. Celestino Sernas López
Origin. Santiago Matatlan, Oaxaca